Sunday, April 27, 2008

The "more water"

Is next to the dryer. The thing is that when we found the water in the bathroom initially, they checked the floor next to the dryer. Then when we found the water in the storage area, I had them specifically check the floor next to the dryer. Now the floor is wet. (Things that make you go hmmm....) I haven't talked to the water guy, I'm letting J take care of it. So I'm wondering if I will lose my washer and dryer for a week while it dries.

Just talked to J - sounds like I will not lose the washer and dryer. I guess they will move them outside, rip up the floor, put them back in.

I just want this over!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

As I expected

The floor guy is still here. I'm sure it's harder to try and match up with the floor that is already here and has stayed here the whole time. Well, not the whole time but the part that is still here from the first time.

I came home to interesting news - more water! It's in the laundry room. J already called the water guys . As I've said and will say again : I just want this over!

On a better note, the girls played a great game today. It's hot - 83 outside and they did play like it was hot. I tried to rotate them well on and off the field. I heard today that one of my girls is on medication that can make her heart race. She is one that didn't deal with the heat well last fall. I did email this mom this week and asked if I needed to be on the lookout and mom said that she noticed the same thing. Mom was sitting right near the girl today and saw what I saw. I think that made a difference.

I've got great bunch of girls. I definitely have stars. I definitely have girls with no clue but overall its a good bunch. I try to balance the better girls with the ones who are not as good. Then I had one of my power players ask to play goal! And she's good at goal as well.

The floor is getting put in as I type :-)

They came this moring to finish the floor. (LOOK at the day of the week!) I expected the grinding to be loud, long and very dusty. Nope. It's not bad at all. Well, it was loud. But I was downstairs for all of it and it wasn't headache producing.

Now the fellow is actually putting in the floor. OH! The bouncy spot in the kitchen was subfloor that needed another nail so that is fixed. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

Funny thing (not really) - they said they would start about 7:30 and be finished by 11. Well, it's 11:05 and he hasn't really made to much progress on the floor. I'll have to take the girls to their game about noon. I bet he's still here when we leave. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's still here when we return. But if it is finished today I will be sooo happy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now they have to grind the floor

So the floor guy came out today. There were 2 places where J is unhappy with the floor because it bounces. The one place he said was because of what was underneath the floor.

When we moved into the house, there was hardwood in the front hall, which the dog promptly scratched beyond acceptable. There was vinyl in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room; carpet in the back hall. About 6 years ago, we replaced all these spaces with laminate. They put the laminate over what was already there. No problems with a bouncy floor.

So the floor guy was telling me and the project manager that the floor is uneven so of course it will bounce. We need to grind down the hardwood so it is at a slight incline. The grinding blade is a special order. It may be in tomorrow, it may not. But either way, the floor guy doesn't think there is enough laminate in the garage to put back on the floor. He also says that we will need to remove the washer and dryer, again. The grinding will be loud and dusty. He will hang plastic and use vacuums to contain the dust though.

If you come to my house, bring chocolate. In fact since I'm asking, make it Dove dark Chocolate. And do I really have to share? Or pie - a chocolate pie would be nice too. I'll just get out forks. We don't need plates do we?

I noticed the other day that I'm marking these as kitchen. It's not a kitchen issue anymore. But I'll leave them marked as kitchen so they all come up together.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Dry Floor

Yeah everything is dry again! The floor in the storage under the stairs is dry, now I can start putting stuff back in there and get the living room picked up. It amazes me to see how much stuff we have when none of it is put away.

Funny - when the guys went under the house to get the last remaining d-hu, the kids started making lots of noise. I told them that the fellas under the house could hear us. K became obsessive about not making any noise while M tried making a lot. Then they all wanted me to take them "down" and tickle them. I wouldn't do that but I did run around in the house.

Quiet reins in the house once a again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The floor is dry but wait... there's more!

So the floor is dry. They removed the fans yesterday. Yeah! Quiet in the house again. Someone came out today to put the subfloor back in. In the process of cutting the wood, termites came out of nowhere! Yuck. DH called a termite place. The termite guy is checking the house right now. Then dh needed a sleeping bag. It's in the storage space under the stairs with all the other camping equipment. It was wet, well damp. I climbed under there (had sent a girlie to fetch the sleeping bag). I found the carpet pieces we threw down in there wet to the touch and the subfloor wet to look at. DH called the water guys. He actually talked to someone so I assume that someone will be out today. Joy, more fans! So still no toilet downstairs, we have termites and more water on the floor.

I'm beginning to hate this! I just want it over!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Vacation - Busch Gardens

DH told me a few weeks ago that he needed a vacation. I asked if he could wait until we finished school - no. So I was off and planning. He really wanted to go to Disney but the money just isn't there. We went to Busch instead. We left on Monday morning. It was raining in Williamsburg when we got there - misting really. We went to Yankee Candle factory, did a couple things there that they had going for spring break. Checked into the hotel and then off the Busch in the cold.

We did have fun. I bought a pair of knit gloves - for only $5! We left before dinner. We found New Town and ate there at the Mexican place. I can't remember the name of it now.

Then on Tuesday, I mentioned to dh maybe we could stop at the Kmart and find a scarf for me. We did and the girls both got a tshirt out of the deal. (shaking head) Off to Busch. Lots of rides. There were no lines. We got there as it opened and parked right up front. It was still cold. I was very glad I had gloves and a scarf. I think the gloves came off in the afternoon. DH, middle dd and I all rode Apollo's Chariot. We went to a beer tasting. The poor guy working with us tried so hard to find a beer I liked. No luck. I just don't like beer.

Wednesday off to the park again at opening. We seemed to ride Loch Ness right away every day. Wednesday we got my scaredy cat dd on Big Bad Wolf. Then ds followed. Lies were longer but still amazingly short. Middle dd and I rode Alpengiest. And talked dh into it as well. It was middle dd's birthday and she chose to eat dinner at the Smokehouse. Wonderful food! I was tired of the park. I did not want to come back the next day.

Thursday we got up and middle dd announced she wanted to ride Griffon. So back we went. DH and middle dd rode it and then made me. We rode twice in a row. I do not open my eyes at the top! Once you get over that first bit, it's a fine roller coaster. No problems at all. We got oldest dd on Alpengiest. She enjoyed it. Then we got ds on Apollo's Chariot. They all wanted to ride Roman Rapids (the big raft get really wet ride). I did not want to get that wet. DS came off looking like a drowned cat - including the look on his face. I told dh to take him on Apollo to dry off. It did help. We ended up staying most of the day and left about 4.

Friday we met IL for lunch, did some shopping and then to my folks house for the weekend. DS had a play to go to with my folks. We came home Sunday night t0 find the leaky toilet. (See below.)

More flooring update

I had realized how long it had been since I posted! It took until April 3 (!) to get the new floor in and until that Friday to get everything hooked up again. It looked wonderful! They had to come back an fix something in the bathroom and put the door to the laundry room back on, but it was done except for those 2 little things.

We went on vacation to Busch Gardens. (Will post about that separately.) We came home last night. As we pulled into the garage, I noticed the door into the house was open. Strange! I walk in and notice nothing. My mind was on "where is the cat?" DH walks in and notices the floor is starting to warp, already! Then we notice that the floor is wet. DH opens the door into the bathroom right there at the door to the garage and there s water on the floor!

DH called the same guys who did the whole floor and within 2 hours they were at the house pulling up my pretty floor! I had 2 dehu-s and 2 fans in the hallway/bathroom/laundry room area. The leaky toilet was outside.

So far today I have had the plumber back out - the seals in the tank were bad, that's where it leaked. The main water guy so I could sign forms. And now the water crew pulling up the "underlayment" to get the rest of the floor dry. They put plastic over the doorway to where I am so the dust doesn't carry into the whole house. The smoke alarm has gone off 3 times. They are vacuuming now so either it's to get up the dust or there is standing water. There was standing water last night. There are 4 guys working in a space where 4 guys barely have room to stand.

It's never ending.