Friday, August 29, 2008

My children are strange

This is what they do while they are supposed to be doing school. I could save it for Wordless Wednesday, but I don't want to wait...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordles Wednesday

How Jockey's Ridge got it's name: The horses got here from shipwrecks off shore. Jockey's Ridge is where people wold sit to watch the horse races go by.

Nag's Head is a tad more eery: Pirates would tie lamps to the horse's heads - nags - and then walk them around. The ships out at sea would see the lights and think it was a harbor. They'd turn in, run aground and then be robbed by the pirates with the lights.

(As seen on plaques at Jockey's Ridge in Nag's Head, NC.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from the beach!

We spent a week at the beach, Hatteras Island in NC, last week with friends. We all had a great time. We drove out last Saturday and spent the afternoon at the Wright Brother's Memorial.

Then we drove down to Waves and checked in to our house. It was great for our needs. Enough bedrooms for everyone and only 5 minute walk to the beach itself. We walked down the first night and the kids tried to only get their feet wet. But the boys were wet up to their necks and the girls were wet to their waists.

Sunday was the only morning I actually made it up before the sun. I didn't make it to the beach to see the sun over the horizon, but I did get a decent picture of it low in the sky. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at the beach and in the house. I think I may have driven down to Avon and found the Food Lion. Note to all, Sunday Morning everyone in the area is at Food Lion. The lines are long!

Monday the morning was at the beach and then we went to Manteo and found the Festival Park with a recreation of the Elizabeth II and a small settlement. Then we saw the Lost Colony play that evening. Tuesday was again spent at the beach and house.

Wednesday we drove down to Buxton to see the Hatteras Lighthouse. This picture of the Hatteras Light is from the old location and shows the path used to move it to where it is now. Then we drove into Hatteras Village and saw our pastor's daughter who lives there. We took her recommendation on where to have lunch then hopped the ferry to Ocracoke to see the light house there. Thursday was spent at the beach and in the house. The adults had an evening out while the kids stayed in and at pizza.

Friday we drove up to Jockey's Ridge. I made the kids all climb a tree, trying to recreate a picture my mom has of me, my brother and 2 friends on a vacation where we saw all these same lighthouses and the kids climbed a tree.

Saturday we packed up to leave. My klan drove to Bodie Island lighthouse and then to a store where we bought souvenirs for all. We were using time to go have lunch at the Weeping Radish for lunch. But once we got there, we found it closed. Not for lunch but complete with a for sale or lease sign out front. We ended up eating at Big Al's, good food, but not he German fare we were expecting to have. Then the 4 hour drive home began.