Sunday, November 25, 2007


We did end up getting home yesterday in plenty of time to run, but we did other things instead. DH decided he would go under the house and get the Christmas decorations. The kids and I got the tree up and the garlands strung on the railings inside and out.

After church today we went to see Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Very Cute. The girls and I thought Enchanted was better though. Maybe it's a girl thing. Mr Magorium is definitely a cuddle on the couch and watch the movie all together feel good kind of movie. There were no scary parts. Not to my family anyway. M ended up on my lap but not because he was scared, because he wanted to be there. :-)

It was so cold that H brought up that she doesn't have a winter jacket. We ended up in Kohl's and bought one for she and K. Both of them ended up with black jackets. And both jackets fit who they are. M needs one as well, but I should be able to get one for him at Target. The Target jackets for the girls just aren't what we want. It needs to be something they can ski in in case we go this year.

We came home and decorated the tree, then back out for dinner.

I kind of like not having Kody home. The cat actually came downstairs and laid on my lap while I was watching tv! Quite a thing for her. It will all end once Kody comes home though.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Injury Update

I didn't have this blog when the dog tripped me. Since I want to post updates, I'd better start with the whole story.

October 23, Kody and I went out to run. My tummy wasn't feeling great but I decided I could run anyway. We left the house right as dh was driving down the street. The run was going fine until we got out on the closest main road. A garbage truck drove by and scared the dog. In his effort to get away from the garbage truck, he tripped me. I fell and landed on my left knee. I must have also fell on my left hip as evidenced by the large bruise that showed up later. I got mad at the dog, looked at my knee and thought for about a second that I could keep running. There was a triangle of skin pushed back from where it should be but nothing was bleeding so it couldn't be too bad, right? It did start bleeding and I did decide to go back home. There I am walking home against traffic, blood running down my leg. No one stopped to see if they could even offer me the use of their phone!

I made it home and told H to call dh. Evidently she said something like "Mommy is home form running. She's bleeding and crying and wants you to come home." Dh came right home but running through his mind were all kind of things including that someone had attacked me. As soon as he got home, which took forever if you ask me, he took one look at my knee and decided I needed to go to the ER. We stopped at an urgent care place on the way but they weren't open yet. I actually got seen fairly quickly at the ER. I had to sit in the waiting area for about 5 minutes, then into triage. Straight from triage to a curtained bed. The nurse came first and then a doctor. They updated my tetanus shot and cleaned up the triangle. I guess there was still some stones in there. They took me down for xrays - nothing broken. 3 stitches, a brace from mid-thigh to almost my ankle. I couldn't bend my knee for 10 days! They didn't want the stitches to pop out.

I went to my doctor to get my stitches out. Snip, snip and done. But no running for another 2 weeks. OH, and keep the knee straight for another 2 weeks as well. Yuck! I did start to bend it before the 2 weeks was up. I also got a flu shot while at my doctors office.

So time goes by and on this past Saturday, I went running. Just 2 miles, maybe 2 1/2 miles - it was around the lake. DH went with me but on his bike. (He ran into a tree!) My knee felt weird. It didn't hurt or I may have stopped. But it was ok while I ran. Then after I showered I went to the store to buy milk. As I got out of the car, my knee really hurt. It hurt all evening until I went to bed. Maybe running wasn't a good idea. But Sunday it was fine.

Wednesday, yesterday I went for a short bike ride through the park. DH went with me. (No trees were hot this time!) I even cut the ride short because my thighs were complaining. My knee was fine on the ride. My knee was fine the rest of the day and so far today.

Last night as we sat down to dinner, I banged my left knee on the support for the table. OUCH! I opened something because it started to bleed. It hurt something terrible to bend or straighten it. It looks fine today and doesn't hurt either. But it feels weird. I think I did some damage under the knee cap because of the way things feel. It still feels a bit swollen although it doesn't look swollen at all. There is a strange bump on my knee cap too.

Maybe if we get back home early enough on Saturday, I'll try to run again. Or maybe I'll ride.


Well, we survived Thanksgiving without needing to rearranging anything on the IL. :-) The turkey was wonderful. I ate a bit too much but only a bit. I wasn't "stuffed like a billy goat" as my Grandpa used to say. It's been 2 or 3 hours since we finished and I don't think I'll be eating more today. Now if I hadn't had that sandwich at 11 this morning...

Everyone else is watching the parade from this morning. I'm not much into watching parades. I am supposed to be laying down with a migraine. But as long as I don't move too much, I'm ok. I will have an interesting time falling asleep tonight with dh's breathing. Yes, I sometimes get that sensitive to noise. And there is no quiet dark closet here at the IL house.

I was planning on going shopping tomorrow but now I'm not to sure. I've gone to Target in the past, but the stuff they have on sale isn't for really good prices. Sweaters for $2-4 off is good but not great. The place that has good prices is Kohl's. But they always have a line to the back of the store. I've never liked the line! Maybe I'll go to bed now, or soon, and get up really early. They open at 4 am. I'm not going to get up that early! But if I can get out before the rest of the sane world, maybe I can get in and out without too much fuss. Best Buy tomorrow is going to be crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if people were in line now. They open at 5, but hand out tickets at 3. You have to have a ticket to get their doorbusters. Seems contrived to me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that Katie has not missed something in Saxon Algebra 1/2. The bad news is that as I was working the problems right in front of her to see what she was doing wrong she was not paying one bit of attention. My thought is that she does too much of it in her head. Most of the problems she is getting wrong are fractions. In addition and subtraction problems before they get written on her paper, she makes it so that all the denominators are the same which means she is doing lots of math in her head. A good thing yes, but mistakes are being made. Then in multiplication and division problems, she is flipping the divisors and making them all into improper fractions from mixed numbers before they appear on her paper. Again, lots of math being done in her head and not on paper. I told her to put it all on the paper - all of it! We'll see if this helps her out. I think it will. I hope it will?

Friday, November 9, 2007

dog and cat tales

Since the coming of dog #2, our cat doesn't come downstairs anymore. At least not while he is out of the crate. Because of this, I was very surprised to find out that the cat was downstairs yesterday. Kody was barking at her. Then out of no where, she races by me in the family room with the dog closely behind her. I figured she would hide under the couch or run upstairs so imagine my astonishment when she races by me again. I waited a moment and then asked K (in the living room) if I should expect the cat to run past again. Evidently Princess is too fat to go through the spines on the stair gate. (No little people, but with Princess being sooo afraid of Kody, we have a gate across the stairs so he can not go up and she has peace in her home.) It took Princess going by twice at a fast rate of speed to open the gate enough for he fat belly to go through! The last time she finally made it upstairs.

Reason #1 for unplugging your palm from the computer after said palm is charged: So that when your dog is searching for who knows what under the computer, he doesn't get his head caught in the cord and just about pull the computer off the counter. Thankfully I was at the computer and noticed what was happening before it even came close to falling!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas shopping

You know I might actually get some Christmas shopping done if I could make a decision! I've seen this really neat thing on-line, but I cannot hit the button that says place order to save my life. I do this all the time. I see these things I like but I don't order them. I don't know if it's because I don't want to spend the money, if I think DH will be upset if I spend the money, or even if it's a bad thing to buy. I just don't make decisions well. I need to get over it or Christmas shopping will take until Christmas to do!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Old dog is young again

Almost since the day we got Kody last February, he has tried to play with Tawny (my 14 yo dog). Tawny has wanted no part of it. He bites at her legs, she tells him no and tries to get away. In the beginning, I was forever telling her to sit on him. Now in the last day or so, he has started the play, but she is all in there playing too. He leaves and she chases. It's a loud thing with both dogs barking. LOL right now she is biting at his back legs!

Starting to Christmas Shop

I signed up with one of my Yahoo groups to do a secret sister ornament exchange. As I was reading her profile, I decide what she needed besides an ornament was a poinsettia pin. I googled it and found The Hunger Site Store. I love it! The prices are decent AND for each thing you buy, they fund food! So I get to shop for Christmas gifts and feed the hungry.

I have ds mostly taken care of. But the girls and dh, I haven't even started. Well, I had bought K Eragon and Eldest, but now I'm keeping them for myself. The kids are generating Christmas lists this year but I haven't really gotten into buying for them yet. I keep thinking that Christmas is a month away and it is, but it's under 50 days now! I still have to shop for my parents, my brother, my IL, my kids and dh not to mention friends I want to give things to. I'd better really get going!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Bring Chocolate

I texted dh at work today "Bring home chocolate and no one gets hurt." And he did! He got home and placed two snack size Snickers bars next to me.

Funny today: Kody (my 14 mo dog) and I were playing with his bone today. He wouldn't give it to me anymore. Suddenly, my middle child, H took off from across the room straight toward the dog. She ended up almost falling over him so that she was half on the couch bent over the dog. Kody was unperturbed by the while thing and still did not give me his bone. Maybe you had to be there.

Issue for the day: DH had contacted several painters to get estimates for painting the house. One came over this afternoon while I had the children out playing. M chose to share information that was entirely unnecessary. This is one of those that I let dh deal with when he got home. Hopefully this time M has paid attention and will not again tell people that his father is not home.

First post

This is my first "public" blog post. DH has made a blog for me in the past but it just sat on our upstairs computer and ultimately wasn't used much. It was a personal thing for me. I'm hoping this will go much better.

I had a hard time choosing a name and ultimately went with the name of our homeschool. I figure this will work out fine since most of my posts will revolve around my kids. :-) There were several things I wanted to post about in the last week or so, you know just get the information out type thing. Not out to any one person or really anyone, just to get it out of me. I don't have the physical space to go about keeping a hard copy diary. But anyway, I don't remember all those feelings I wanted out now and it was all for the lack of a blog name!

I'll include things about life, things about school, funny kid stories, things I want to remember.