Thursday, November 22, 2007

Injury Update

I didn't have this blog when the dog tripped me. Since I want to post updates, I'd better start with the whole story.

October 23, Kody and I went out to run. My tummy wasn't feeling great but I decided I could run anyway. We left the house right as dh was driving down the street. The run was going fine until we got out on the closest main road. A garbage truck drove by and scared the dog. In his effort to get away from the garbage truck, he tripped me. I fell and landed on my left knee. I must have also fell on my left hip as evidenced by the large bruise that showed up later. I got mad at the dog, looked at my knee and thought for about a second that I could keep running. There was a triangle of skin pushed back from where it should be but nothing was bleeding so it couldn't be too bad, right? It did start bleeding and I did decide to go back home. There I am walking home against traffic, blood running down my leg. No one stopped to see if they could even offer me the use of their phone!

I made it home and told H to call dh. Evidently she said something like "Mommy is home form running. She's bleeding and crying and wants you to come home." Dh came right home but running through his mind were all kind of things including that someone had attacked me. As soon as he got home, which took forever if you ask me, he took one look at my knee and decided I needed to go to the ER. We stopped at an urgent care place on the way but they weren't open yet. I actually got seen fairly quickly at the ER. I had to sit in the waiting area for about 5 minutes, then into triage. Straight from triage to a curtained bed. The nurse came first and then a doctor. They updated my tetanus shot and cleaned up the triangle. I guess there was still some stones in there. They took me down for xrays - nothing broken. 3 stitches, a brace from mid-thigh to almost my ankle. I couldn't bend my knee for 10 days! They didn't want the stitches to pop out.

I went to my doctor to get my stitches out. Snip, snip and done. But no running for another 2 weeks. OH, and keep the knee straight for another 2 weeks as well. Yuck! I did start to bend it before the 2 weeks was up. I also got a flu shot while at my doctors office.

So time goes by and on this past Saturday, I went running. Just 2 miles, maybe 2 1/2 miles - it was around the lake. DH went with me but on his bike. (He ran into a tree!) My knee felt weird. It didn't hurt or I may have stopped. But it was ok while I ran. Then after I showered I went to the store to buy milk. As I got out of the car, my knee really hurt. It hurt all evening until I went to bed. Maybe running wasn't a good idea. But Sunday it was fine.

Wednesday, yesterday I went for a short bike ride through the park. DH went with me. (No trees were hot this time!) I even cut the ride short because my thighs were complaining. My knee was fine on the ride. My knee was fine the rest of the day and so far today.

Last night as we sat down to dinner, I banged my left knee on the support for the table. OUCH! I opened something because it started to bleed. It hurt something terrible to bend or straighten it. It looks fine today and doesn't hurt either. But it feels weird. I think I did some damage under the knee cap because of the way things feel. It still feels a bit swollen although it doesn't look swollen at all. There is a strange bump on my knee cap too.

Maybe if we get back home early enough on Saturday, I'll try to run again. Or maybe I'll ride.

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