Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, we survived Thanksgiving without needing to rearranging anything on the IL. :-) The turkey was wonderful. I ate a bit too much but only a bit. I wasn't "stuffed like a billy goat" as my Grandpa used to say. It's been 2 or 3 hours since we finished and I don't think I'll be eating more today. Now if I hadn't had that sandwich at 11 this morning...

Everyone else is watching the parade from this morning. I'm not much into watching parades. I am supposed to be laying down with a migraine. But as long as I don't move too much, I'm ok. I will have an interesting time falling asleep tonight with dh's breathing. Yes, I sometimes get that sensitive to noise. And there is no quiet dark closet here at the IL house.

I was planning on going shopping tomorrow but now I'm not to sure. I've gone to Target in the past, but the stuff they have on sale isn't for really good prices. Sweaters for $2-4 off is good but not great. The place that has good prices is Kohl's. But they always have a line to the back of the store. I've never liked the line! Maybe I'll go to bed now, or soon, and get up really early. They open at 4 am. I'm not going to get up that early! But if I can get out before the rest of the sane world, maybe I can get in and out without too much fuss. Best Buy tomorrow is going to be crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if people were in line now. They open at 5, but hand out tickets at 3. You have to have a ticket to get their doorbusters. Seems contrived to me.

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