Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another injury

I go through 37 years without stitches and now in 13 months, I get 6! Last year it was the dogs fault. This year it's mine.

I was cutting bread. I thought I could get one more slice. I did, but I also just about sliced off some pinkie finger as well. There is a nice 1/2 moon shape on my finger pad. DH came home and took me took my doctor, no ER this year. She cleaned it and then decided it needed stitches - 3 to be exact. When I go in to have the stitches removed, she will see if all the skin is ok. At this point she thinks I'll lose about 25% of what I cut. She'll remove that next week when she removes th stitches. Joy.

So right now, my pinkie finger is about 3 times it's normal size due to the bandage she put on it. I'm supposed to leave the bandage on for 3 days and then put a different bandage on it - really just a new one, but it doesn't need to be so big.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calendar troubles

DD2 just asked me, "Are you going to put (ds)'s birthday party on the calendar?"

"Yeah, I guess I need to do that."

"It would be pretty bad for (ds) to miss his own birthday party."

Much laughter. "Can you imagine? All these boys show up and (ds) isn't there!"

More laughter ensues...

BTW, his party is on the calendar now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family Funny

While traveling from church to lunch today, I was relating a stoy to dh about a friend:

"So they got in a police car from A to B, new police car B to C, and so on until they got home."


DS age 8: "How many letters did they get to?"

Rolling laughter from the rest of us, a little bit of laughter from ds.

DD age 14: "I don't think he gets it, but he's still laughing."

More laughter from all. Silence.

DS, 8: "I don't get it."

Rolling laughter again. DH starts to explain that A and B are not specific places.

DS, 8: "Ok, but what letter did they get to?"

We explained again, in more length this time. Dh: "Do you understand?"

DS: "Yes"

Me: "Are you sure? Do you really understand?"

DS: "How could I not understand with all that explanation?"