Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hunger Games

I listened to a speech given by Sally Clarkson's daughter Joy a few months ago about why Christians should read and watch the popular books and shows. We are called to be in the world but not of the world. If we don't know what is popular, how can we engage the world? Also, when we read and watch popular media, we can identify themes as to why it is popular. Joy was much more eloquent than I am but I'm just trying to be quick about why I'm writing this.

Middle dd took me to see Hunger Games yesterday. I did enjoy the movie overall. There are places that were objectionable and I am very happy that I didn't take ds to see it. I think he would understand it, but well... The plot was objectionable. There is much reason to not see it. In fact when I heard the plot, I was wondering why I let my daughters read the books. (I was trusting other Christian moms who let their kids read it.)

Anyway, to my point. I have some idea why these books are popular and now the movie as well. Disclaimer: I have not read the books. I only have a vague idea of where they are going with the story from my daughters.

People want a hero and as heros go, Katniss is a great one. For someone who never got the Christ-figure stuff in high school, it is easily her. She loves on those who look to her for protection (Primrose and Rue and even Peta), as Christ does. She gives people jobs in their skill set, as Christ does. (Her mom to take care of Primrose and Rue to set the fires.) Katniss also gives her life for another. When Primrose is chosen in the Reaping, Katniss volunteers and pays the ransom for her. Just like Christ paid the ransom for us and our sins.

People today want a hero. Katniss could be that hero. We see her not only as a savior but we see people trying to bend her to the world. She is a good hero. Katniss is like us - trying to maintain who we are but also trying to make it in the world Haymitch and Cinna both coach her on what to say and do, how to get ahead. She follows their advice, but you can also tell that she doesn't go over the top to get on everyone's good side. She maintains her integrity.

I am looking forward to the rest of the story. I expect to see Katniss to continue to give of herself for others. I expect there will be trials and that Katniss at some point will fail. But she is human after all. I expect there to be a general feeling of district loyalty.

I may just have to sit down and read these books after all. :-)