Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family Funny

While traveling from church to lunch today, I was relating a stoy to dh about a friend:

"So they got in a police car from A to B, new police car B to C, and so on until they got home."


DS age 8: "How many letters did they get to?"

Rolling laughter from the rest of us, a little bit of laughter from ds.

DD age 14: "I don't think he gets it, but he's still laughing."

More laughter from all. Silence.

DS, 8: "I don't get it."

Rolling laughter again. DH starts to explain that A and B are not specific places.

DS, 8: "Ok, but what letter did they get to?"

We explained again, in more length this time. Dh: "Do you understand?"

DS: "Yes"

Me: "Are you sure? Do you really understand?"

DS: "How could I not understand with all that explanation?"

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