Sunday, November 25, 2007


We did end up getting home yesterday in plenty of time to run, but we did other things instead. DH decided he would go under the house and get the Christmas decorations. The kids and I got the tree up and the garlands strung on the railings inside and out.

After church today we went to see Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Very Cute. The girls and I thought Enchanted was better though. Maybe it's a girl thing. Mr Magorium is definitely a cuddle on the couch and watch the movie all together feel good kind of movie. There were no scary parts. Not to my family anyway. M ended up on my lap but not because he was scared, because he wanted to be there. :-)

It was so cold that H brought up that she doesn't have a winter jacket. We ended up in Kohl's and bought one for she and K. Both of them ended up with black jackets. And both jackets fit who they are. M needs one as well, but I should be able to get one for him at Target. The Target jackets for the girls just aren't what we want. It needs to be something they can ski in in case we go this year.

We came home and decorated the tree, then back out for dinner.

I kind of like not having Kody home. The cat actually came downstairs and laid on my lap while I was watching tv! Quite a thing for her. It will all end once Kody comes home though.

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