Friday, November 9, 2007

dog and cat tales

Since the coming of dog #2, our cat doesn't come downstairs anymore. At least not while he is out of the crate. Because of this, I was very surprised to find out that the cat was downstairs yesterday. Kody was barking at her. Then out of no where, she races by me in the family room with the dog closely behind her. I figured she would hide under the couch or run upstairs so imagine my astonishment when she races by me again. I waited a moment and then asked K (in the living room) if I should expect the cat to run past again. Evidently Princess is too fat to go through the spines on the stair gate. (No little people, but with Princess being sooo afraid of Kody, we have a gate across the stairs so he can not go up and she has peace in her home.) It took Princess going by twice at a fast rate of speed to open the gate enough for he fat belly to go through! The last time she finally made it upstairs.

Reason #1 for unplugging your palm from the computer after said palm is charged: So that when your dog is searching for who knows what under the computer, he doesn't get his head caught in the cord and just about pull the computer off the counter. Thankfully I was at the computer and noticed what was happening before it even came close to falling!

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