Monday, November 5, 2007

Bring Chocolate

I texted dh at work today "Bring home chocolate and no one gets hurt." And he did! He got home and placed two snack size Snickers bars next to me.

Funny today: Kody (my 14 mo dog) and I were playing with his bone today. He wouldn't give it to me anymore. Suddenly, my middle child, H took off from across the room straight toward the dog. She ended up almost falling over him so that she was half on the couch bent over the dog. Kody was unperturbed by the while thing and still did not give me his bone. Maybe you had to be there.

Issue for the day: DH had contacted several painters to get estimates for painting the house. One came over this afternoon while I had the children out playing. M chose to share information that was entirely unnecessary. This is one of those that I let dh deal with when he got home. Hopefully this time M has paid attention and will not again tell people that his father is not home.

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