Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Starting to Christmas Shop

I signed up with one of my Yahoo groups to do a secret sister ornament exchange. As I was reading her profile, I decide what she needed besides an ornament was a poinsettia pin. I googled it and found The Hunger Site Store. I love it! The prices are decent AND for each thing you buy, they fund food! So I get to shop for Christmas gifts and feed the hungry.

I have ds mostly taken care of. But the girls and dh, I haven't even started. Well, I had bought K Eragon and Eldest, but now I'm keeping them for myself. The kids are generating Christmas lists this year but I haven't really gotten into buying for them yet. I keep thinking that Christmas is a month away and it is, but it's under 50 days now! I still have to shop for my parents, my brother, my IL, my kids and dh not to mention friends I want to give things to. I'd better really get going!

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