Monday, November 5, 2007

First post

This is my first "public" blog post. DH has made a blog for me in the past but it just sat on our upstairs computer and ultimately wasn't used much. It was a personal thing for me. I'm hoping this will go much better.

I had a hard time choosing a name and ultimately went with the name of our homeschool. I figure this will work out fine since most of my posts will revolve around my kids. :-) There were several things I wanted to post about in the last week or so, you know just get the information out type thing. Not out to any one person or really anyone, just to get it out of me. I don't have the physical space to go about keeping a hard copy diary. But anyway, I don't remember all those feelings I wanted out now and it was all for the lack of a blog name!

I'll include things about life, things about school, funny kid stories, things I want to remember.

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