Sunday, December 2, 2007

DH has been saying interesting things lately...

First he announced out of nowhere that when our current mobile contract expires, we're both getting iPhones. When I asked why we are waiting, he said it would cost too much to get out of the contract now. I was also thinking that between now and then, they will make several advances in the system.

Then 2 nights ago he asked me what color iPod I wanted. He's had said something about needing more ideas for Christmas, but I never suggested a iPod. I was thinking a fun color, but then I looked and I don't like any of the colors out there. Besides, if I get white, I can change the protective cover on a whim. If I get a colored iPod, then I'm stuck with the color for a good long time. I think it makes more sense to get a plain color and change the cover as I want.

I thought I could maybe get the Nike + Sport kit. But it really does have to use Nike shoes, apparently. They have a spot dug out of the insole for the sensor to go. I don't run in Nikes - they are too wide for my foot. Or at least they were many years ago... hmmm

Speaking of running - I ran yesterday. With the dog. The knee felt good while running and then the rest of the day. But about 1/2 hour ago, the dog ran into my knee. It hurt. Not a good sign. I'll try running again tomorrow. Maybe run every other day for a while and see how my knee does. sigh.

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