Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas letter 2007

Merry Christmas to one and all! The year of 2007 is drawing to a close, and that means a letter is in the “need to do” pile.

January started out with a bang this year, as we went to Disney World so that I could run the Disney Marathon. It’s not something I would call fun, but it is something I want to do again. One highlight of the run was the 23rd mile… I couldn’t run, and was in tears. I just knew there was no way I could finish the race. Once I got to the end of the mile, though, I just started running, and ran the rest of the way with no problems. Later, I learned that M’s Sunday school class was praying for me, right at that time!

While there, we were able to meet up with our German cousins. It was amazing to see K (who is always hurrying her siblings) slow down and stop worrying about the pace, when her 3 year old cousin P took her hand. We spent a couple of days with the cousins, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

We came home to a full schedule of basketball games each Saturday. The girls improved greatly from the previous year, and we enjoyed the games, despite the schedules. Rooting for your kids is a wonderful thing. After a year, I still had tears in my eyes when the kids came out onto the courts. Colonial (the league sponsor) does a great job of making the kids feel special.

Basketball ended one week, and soccer started the next. The girls played soccer while M played T-ball. I missed most of M’s games, because I was coaching the girls’ team (which played at the same time that M's did). M had fun, though, and learned a lot, as did the girls and I.

This year, the whole family went with me to a homeschool conference, but this time we went north to Virginia’s (a scheduling conflict ruled out the NC offering). The conference was enjoyable. I bought schoolbooks and other assorted stuff. J and I alternated taking K to conference talks, while H and M attended the children’s conference that was held at the same time.

In May, we went to “family camp” out at Camp Seafarer on the NC coast. A good time was had by all, and I finally got a chance to see what “Spring Outing” is like. (Camp Seafarer is where J and the girls have gone every spring, for the past many years.)

As a semi-joint decision, we skipped the swim team this summer. It made for a more peaceful time. I missed my “summer people” – the other parents of swim team members – but we survived. We enjoyed VBS without having to rush dinner and make it to swim practice. I was the VBS director again, and K and H helped out while M was in a classroom, learning more about Joshua.

We started school in July. Our “fall” break was in August, when we went to Massanutten with my folks. We had two condos again, but this time, the kids stayed with Nana and Papa all week. We had a good week and a good break, then finished our second quarter right in time for Thanksgiving with J’s folks.

The kids played soccer again this fall. I was the girls’ coach again, and plan to keep that up as long as they’ll let me. M had a wonderful coach (who grew up in Yorktown, about the same time we did). He claims not to know much about soccer, but what he lacks in soccer knowledge he makes up for in his wonderful way with kids.

I just realized that it sounds like all we do is sports. The kid are still at home for school, but we attend SEEK (a homeschool co-op) on Thursday mornings. All three take music lessons on Wednesday afternoons, and K has a writing class on Thursdays. K got into the homeschool honor society this year, and fulfills her service requirement by helping with Sunday school at church, and by helping J at Cubbies on Sundays.

This fall brought some changes to our church… Our children’s director was called to the mission field, which left a big hole. Several of us banded together to cover her duties this year, while she is gone. I’m supervising Sunday school, which means that I make sure that the classes are going well. I also order the curriculum. That is going very well. I’m still coordinating Shepherd’s care, and am also involved with the middle school group.

J keeps us all in line. ☺ He is still at Cisco, working hard. He gets up Friday morning to have a Bible study with other dads from K’s Indian tribe. He still goes on fall and spring outings with the girls, and this year he was instrumental in getting a tribe started for M. He still works the sound board at church, plays guitar at Cubbies, and plays the trumpet at church.

We’re looking forward to a great 2008!

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