Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas "presents" I could have done without


I went into the garage for something December 24 and came *right* back in. DH looked at me and I said there is a either a VERY large roach out there or a mouse. He went out and didn't find anything. Then about an hour later, ds went out and comes back in a casually says "There's a mouse!" We use the 45 gal buckets from wheat for our recycling. It was in a soda can in the bucket. Dh got the mouse out of the bucket and then threw it off the deck. (Our deck is about 15 feet off the ground.) An hour or so later DS went out through the garage again and came back in "Mice. Three of them." In the recycling bucket again. DH took care of it again. This is soo not want I wanted for Christmas!

I got another not so wonderful thing for Christmas as well...

Soon after opening presents, my dog bit me. The one who is nice and calm. The one who is 15 years old and has never hurt a fly. The one whom I have always felt perfectly safe with infants! That one bit me!

In her defense, she was eating a bone. In my defense, I've taken food from her before. In her defense, ever since we got the younger dog, she has learned to defend her stuff.

I gave her a Christmas present of a edible nylabone, which both dogs love. She wasn't chewing hers so I was wondering if it was too hard for her teeth - she *is* 15 yo. Then she was finally eating it. But we noticed that hers was red. Then I took the bone out of the younger dog's mouth to check his. No, his is not red. So obviously, the old dog is bleeding. I was trying to check her mouth. She turned and bit me.

We got my finger under the cold water. But that hurt so we put water in a mug, with ice as well. DH put the old dog out. DD13 put her bone out with her. Then suddenly I was overwhelming nauseous. I asked dd for a rubber band in my hair. My mom ended up getting my hair up. Then mom put a cold wet wash cloth on my neck and I was better. All better!

My finger throbbed quite a bit. Good news though, my "I want to help cook" dd 10 helped cook Christmas day!

On a better note I did get an ipod for Christmas, a beautiful sweater from my brother and a gift card to Kohl's from my folks!

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