Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on the floors

They came out today to check the floors. They are dry! But for some reason in this one spot when they push the meter into the floor, it comes up wet. But nothing wet on the surface. They go under the house to see what it's like down there. DRY! So they cut out a square where the meter shows wet. The very bottom layer of plywood is wet - visibly wet. No need to sick the meter in to see. There was a sheet of something that they cut out. The second layer of plywood is wet to the touch as well. :-(

So now I have a "tent" in my kitchen "hooked" up to a dehu. They are in the process of building a tent in the crawlspace with another dehu down there. I think they said something about forcing hot air in the space as well. Another 5 days of this. At least this is much quieter! The dehu makes about as much noise as a dishwasher (not one of the really quiet ones!).

I should have taken pictures of all the fans and dehus before they took them out.

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