Thursday, June 19, 2008

General Update

I haven't updated in a while. The water found in April was the last of the water. there were more days of drying and then installing floor. They ran out of floor and had to order more. Then we re-papered the bathroom before we had the toilet installed. Dh had bought a $300 toilet at Lowes. They installed it on a Monday. By Tuesday night it was leaking. They came to fix it Wednesday morning. As they were tightening something, the whole thing broke. DH was home and asked them what they recommend. Now we have 3 brand new toilets in the house. :-) We also re-papered the kitchen. It looks so much better!

We finished school in May and have been on break ever since. I've enjoyed the time off school even though I feel like I've been planning for next year ever since. I think I'm all ready to start the week after July 4.

Everyone went to the homeschool conference in NC this year. We all very much enjoyed listening to Jeff Meyers. We bought a lot, learned a lot and even saw Prince Caspian while we were there. We found a new restaurant that has a local counterpart as well.

We went to Carrabba's for our anniversary. DH was down on restaurants in W-S because of the poor service we had received but our waiter here was excellent. The biggest thing was he remembered something from the beginning of the meal without is ever saying anything about it again. I cannot have fish and dairy at the same meal. They had a fish dish that looked good but before I ordered it, I asked if they had cheesecake for dessert, knowing I would order it. So I decided to get chicken instead. DH explained in few words why Iasked the question. At some point, we mentioned the poor service we had received and how this fellow was soo much better and that it was our anniversary so it was even better to have great service. At the end of the meal, he brought out not one but 2 desserts, free for our anniversary. One of them was dairy free! I didn't have the fish so I didn't need dairy free, but he remembered. The manager also came out and spoke to us for a while. He shared that they were out of cheesecake that night anyway and told us who had the best cheesecake in town!

VBS is next week. I look forward to being tired at the end of the week and sleeping very well!

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my5wolfcubs said...

Good thing you're named Anchor Academy -- I skimmed back through your water-related posts! You've kept a great attitude about the whole...adventure!! :)

Enjoy VBS! Our family is helping/participating in our first VBS ever this summer. We've got yarn to cut and backdrop scenes to paint and water bottles to is all getting very exciting!

Lee (from the WTM board)