Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book 25

The Sorcerer of the North by John Flanagan

Book 5 in the Ranger's Apprentice series. This book deals with, can you guess, sorcery. Or at least what people think is sorcery. SPOILER alert: To give parents a true warning if needed, I'm going to have to let you know things that happen so you can make an accurate assessment for your child. Much of the sorcery is visual fakes - lights in the woods, a shadow projected on a mist. Some of it is herb based. The book also has characters who are deformed, handicapped. This book has a direct lead into the next one.Books 1 and 2 tell one story which leads to the story in Books 3 and 4. The story in this one is independent (except for character development) from the first 4. The story in this book finishes in book 6. So book 6 has the same deformed, handicapped characters. They are treated with the common fears people who aren't used to seeing them have but then they are seen as they truely are - real people.

Like the previous books, there are swear words - mostly starting with d and h. And now Will is also using them. He is by now in his early 20's.

The story basics - Will is now a full Ranger, no longer an apprentice. He goes to his fief and then is sent on a covert mission to Macindaw. We see Halt and Horace again. We are reacquainted with Will's childhood friend Alyss.

I enjoy these books. My girls enjoy these books. Soon and very soon, I hope to be able to say that my son enjoys these books!

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