Friday, May 13, 2011

Book 29

Sexy Girls bu Hayley DiMarco

I read this book to prepare for a Bible study for teen girls this summer that I want to host. I wanted to make sure it said what I wanted it to say. :-) It does and it doesn't. It doesn't say your tops should be up to here and your bottoms should cover at least this much of you leg. The author lets you come to your own conclusion. BUT she does point out why you should cover up. She uses Bible verses to support her main points.

After reading this book, I feel every teenage girl should read. EVERY teenage girl. Even if she's not a Christian. If she thinks she's a "good girl" she should read this book. If she wonders why she gets the attention she gets from boys, she should read this book. DiMarco doesn't hide that she's a Christian and that's the why we should care, but I think girls should know what their clothes do to the boys around them.

Recommended: YES! There is language in the book that would cause me not to give it to a pre-teen, not to even go over the book with a pre-teen. But maybe I'm a little more sheltering of my girls and not talking about sex too early. I can't wait for the summer and the Bible study with this book. I hope there are a lot of girls who come! There are a few that I think need it.

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eating out again with Karen said...

I have a few of her books too. She is great for teen girls!