Friday, September 12, 2008

My van was almost towed last week!

I was visiting my folks and parked in the driveway, but left my keys downstairs in case they needed to move my van. One morning mom did. She parked it down the street, right where a curve starts but clearly visible from both sides.

There is a street that runs actually on their property that they have tried to close, but it's the whole "they've used it for so long that they are the ones that have to close it" thing. Well, for once, the people who use the road actually had to stop at the main road to be able to see down the road, they couldn't just pull out (because of my van). So they called the police and complained! Now the good thing about it being a small town is that the police actually came out to investigate the complaint. The bad thing is what they tried to do.

Mom parked the mini-van with two tires up on the sidewalk, so illegally. Since there was a complaint and the car was park illegally, they were thiscloseto towing my car! Their next door neighbor came home from work in the middle of the whole thing and went and begged the police not to tow the car. "I'm sure they are out with their grandkids. Please please don't tow the car. I will try to get in touch with them as soon as possible." So the police left me a parking ticket and put cones behind my car (because of the curve I am sure).

Dad and I went down to city hall to pay the ticket - $5. The rest of the week Dad parked his truck right there - sort of. The property line is really odd over there. They actually own a very small piece of grass on the other side of this road. The piece is big enough for dad's truck. So now they can't complain and they still have to stop. I guess they can complain but since it's parked on their property and not on the sidewalk at all, nothing can be done.

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