Friday, May 1, 2009

I think I caught up

In and amongst doing everything else, I think I have finally caught up on my reading! The 52 books in 52 weeks reading that is. I've been reading a lot of fluff but it has been engaging and enjoyable. The kind where you want the tv off so you can lose yourself in a book kind of engaging.

On that note, sort of, I want to recommend the series Ranger's Apprentice. They are "young adult" books. To old for my boy, age 8 But my girls are reading them and I think enjoying them. They aren't historical fiction but they are loosely based in England. Nothing has the right name but when one of the other countries is Skandia and a possible invading country's people are called the Scotti and the main physical setting is on an island... Well what else can you say. It's not a Christian book either. The other peoples definitely have many gods. The main group... well it's just not talked about too much. Time wise the setting is back in the age of knights and chivalry. Horses are the main form of transportation. There are 2 curse words in book 6 that will bother the very conservative. They do bother me and before my kids get this far, I'll have to buy the book so I can white it out.

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