Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Last Starfighter

I'm doing mini-reviews on books, I figure why not review movies we watch too. :-)

We just finished Last Starfighter. It's a PG movie from 1984. It's one that I remember from my youth as being good. I remembered the basic story line as being something M would enjoy. I think he did enjoy it. And other than bad effects - it's from 1984, what did we expect??? - it's still a good movie.

Basic story - kid growing up in a trailer park is obsessed with a video game. He breaks the all time record and is then taken into space as a starfighter. He tells them no, he doesn't want to be there and they bring him home. Then for what ensues, I'll leave for those who will watch the movie.

The one disappointment - There are a handful of bad words. Not that I didn't expect them. I figured it's made at a time when curse words were common in movies and I'd need to preview the movie. John said let's just watch it and if it gets bad, we'll turn it off. So we did that. The disappointment is that every curse word in the movie, and some of them weren't the mild variety, were said by the 10/11 yo little brother. Not any of the adults or newly minted high school grads, the 10/11 yo. Oh and they flashed some Playboy covers. Not enough to see anything you wouldn't see at the beach these days. But those also belonged to the little brother. Not cool.

Recommended - yes, with the cautions above.

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