Thursday, May 24, 2012

NCHE day 1 part 2

I got to the auditorium in time to hear Chuck Bently. I was even in time to hear the small speeches ahead of him.

Spencer (I can't remember his last name) is stepping down from the presidency of NCHE and was telling us to remain strong in our homeschooling, keep the NCHE strong and to get involved in a support network. Then Dr. Flood, who is in charge of DNPE, spoke for a minute. She was a refreshing voice. She told us that she is not the enemy. :-) She wants to helps us.

Then Chuck Bently got up to speak. He gave us 4 scenarios of what may happen in the future. Three of them were bad. Then he has studied famines and wars in the Bible and what he learned from them. we should save, serve God, end self reliance and serve others.

Then he went over the SALT plan. Save. Allocate assets. Liquidity. Truth. I'm going to need to buy his book. He sounds like he is in a place where John and I are trying to be. Planning for a coming crisis. There is more I need to know to be prepared.

Chuck Bently left us with a good thought - What if God had given me the ability to stand against currents of culture? Not just in terms of homeschooling. I'll need to think on that one.

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