Friday, May 25, 2012

Voddie Baucham -Why your Family needs the church

Ok, I'm really enjoying Voddie Baucham's talks. He tells it like it is. He doesn't sugar coat. He's real.

He started this talk with the things to look for in a true church. Look for Biblical gospel, biblical officers, biblical ordinances, and biblical discipline. The biblical gospel is historic, God centered, Christ centered, cross centered, and grace centered. Biblical officers refers to elders, pastors and deacons. Biblical ordinances are both baptism and the Lord's supper. Biblical discipline is both formative (teaching) and corrective (confronting someone with their sin). The issues of what they wear and how they do music and if there is a youth program are all unimportant.

He then talked about why you need to be a member of a local church. Identification, edification, cooperation, accountability, submission and authority were all reasons given. He is passionate about this subject because he sees all over the country that homeschool families are leaving their local churches. But he posed a good question, how can you expect your children to submit to you as parent if you do not submit, as God instructed, to the local church?

early in his talk he brought up St Francis of Asisi. The man who said something like using words when necessary to share the gospel. You always have to use words. He likened it to the evening news not using words. You wouldn't know what happened if ey didn't use words.

I think Voddie Baucham is finished with his talks. It's too bad too, I really enjoy them.

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Diane Allen said...

My friend was telling me about this over dinner. He supported his points with such good scriptures.