Friday, May 25, 2012

Technical issues

I'm loving my iPad for the conference but there are some problems when it comes to blogging on it. For one, the buttons to upload pictures don't work. I will try to remember to upload pictures when I get home. Another issue is that, though I make paragraphs when I type, they don't come through when the article posts. Again, I'll try to fix that when I get home. Sorry for both these issues. The paragraph thing may make it difficult to read. But in good news, I am loving my iPad! There is an app called "Notability" that I'm using to take notes on this year. I use it at home for sermon notes and meeting notes as well. No more spare pieces of paper to keep track of! You can use it with a stylus or with a finger or with a keyboard. I use the internal one, I haven't bought a wireless one. I've heard of homeschoolers using it for handwriting practice. I don't have a child that age anymore, so I'm not sure how that would work. Thanks dear for the Christmas present all over again!!

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Merit Kirkpatrick said...

I had the same issues blogging on my ipad :) So glad that you enjoyed the conference. We were really blessed too!