Monday, January 24, 2011

Friends or family

Where does your loyalty lie - with your friends or with your family? This is a really, really frivolous thing in the grand scheme. Who shall I root for at the Superbowl this year?

Green Bay is playing Pittsburgh. I have several friends who would say root for the Steelers without fail. But then my IL would frown at me and say why would I even think to root for anyone but the Packers.

Then there is the issue of Hannah and Matthew and tennis. Last year, if you rooted for the Steelers, you didn't have to run any hills at the end of practice. But Matthew will be rooting for Green Bay - just because that's who grandpa roots for. No other reason. Matthew has no ties to Green Bay. Grandpa grew up in Wisconsin. It's the hometown team.

My folks for the same reason would root for the Lions. (Do they play football? Or is it the Tigers? No, I think the Tigers play baseball in Detroit. The Lions play football.) Anywa, it's a big cat!

You see in our family, we don't really watch sports. I know enough about sports to know a good game from a bad one. How to actually root for one team. What to tell them to do. That sort of stuff. But who wins the Superbowl doesn't actually matter to us. For that matter, the teams going to the Final Four don't really matter either. But for the record, I'll cheer on whichever NC team makes it that far. And I'll cheer all the NC teams to make it that far since neither my alma matter nor John's will even be in the tournament.

No, it doesn't really matter, but who should I cheer for now?

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