Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm tired

I've been feeling like this running thing isn't fun anymore. I want running to be fun again. It's like this at this point of training for a marathon. Halfway through training. It's all work right now. Have to do the high miles to be able to run the marathon. I get that, but it's not fun.

So I decided I was just going to go run today. I plugged in my iPod, listened to tunes and just ran. (I haven't been listening to music while running. I've just been running.) I wasn't going to push it I was just going to take it easy and make it fun. Well, as fun as 5 miles could be.

I went out and felt really slow, but also still sore and working things out from Saturday's 17. The sore muscle that only bothered me twice on Saturday was almost yelling at me today. I could not run any faster if I had wanted too. First mile - 9:30. Second mile still choppy - 19:00. Third mile, I really felt the hill - 30:10. Fourth mile another big hill - 40:15. Fifth mile, finally feel like I can stretch out a little bit - 50:59.

I guess this means all this running is doing some good. A slow feeling run isn't really, not to my ordinary pace anyway. Ten minute miles is what I shoot for on a "pace" day.

It's a good feeling to look back on today's run and see those times. I just wish the legs felt that good. :-)

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