Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mom Heart Conference

It turns out that I knew quite a few women there, but I still went "alone". It was funny, before dinner on Friday night (on our own), Sally told everyone who was there alone to raise their hand and everyone else to make sure they had someone to go to dinner with. I had found one of the people I knew by that time and I just went with her and her friends. Funny thing - they decided to go to a certain mall for dinner and missed the turn, I'm the one that got them there.

Anyway... Conference itself. I spent way too much money on books. I'm a homeschooling mom, what can I say? The talks were good. I have things to apply to my life - making kids a priority over the computer, being gentle with them, maybe even leading a group of women through one of her books. She did mention babies a lot, but what she said applies to moms with all age kids. Just because my oldest is 16 doesn't mean I don't need to make her feel special and to be gentle with her. There was a lot of stuff speakers said that I already knew and so didn't write down.

I bought a book for one friend at church but I think I should have bought one for another lady at church. When Sally (or others) kept saying to simply pass along a book, who can you buy a book for? This lady at church kept coming to mind. But I don't think she'd accept it from me. So then there's the problem of how to get it to her. And then would she read it anyway.

All of my family asked if I'd go again. I said probably. It will depend on when and where.

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