Monday, March 14, 2011

Seven Pounds

Starring Will Smith

What a depressing movie. Of course it was, it was a drama. No Hollywood ending here that's for sure. I kind of knew the story line going in. But it was confusing trying to figure it out. Then it wasn't really clear what was a flashback and what was now. It all finally made sense in the end. But depressing.

I can't recommend it. I like movies that you can sit and enjoy your popcorn. Or romantic movies or comedies. Dramas have never been a favorite of mine. I'm not really sure why we watched it. I watched it with Katie. One s*x scene - not too graphic though. I don't remember language but it was Katie and we're opening those gates.

One good thing - I guess John had said a while back that Will Smith is someone who can actually act. Katie had only seen him in movies like Men in Black. Now she agrees with her dad. He can act.

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