Saturday, April 26, 2008

As I expected

The floor guy is still here. I'm sure it's harder to try and match up with the floor that is already here and has stayed here the whole time. Well, not the whole time but the part that is still here from the first time.

I came home to interesting news - more water! It's in the laundry room. J already called the water guys . As I've said and will say again : I just want this over!

On a better note, the girls played a great game today. It's hot - 83 outside and they did play like it was hot. I tried to rotate them well on and off the field. I heard today that one of my girls is on medication that can make her heart race. She is one that didn't deal with the heat well last fall. I did email this mom this week and asked if I needed to be on the lookout and mom said that she noticed the same thing. Mom was sitting right near the girl today and saw what I saw. I think that made a difference.

I've got great bunch of girls. I definitely have stars. I definitely have girls with no clue but overall its a good bunch. I try to balance the better girls with the ones who are not as good. Then I had one of my power players ask to play goal! And she's good at goal as well.

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