Monday, April 14, 2008

More flooring update

I had realized how long it had been since I posted! It took until April 3 (!) to get the new floor in and until that Friday to get everything hooked up again. It looked wonderful! They had to come back an fix something in the bathroom and put the door to the laundry room back on, but it was done except for those 2 little things.

We went on vacation to Busch Gardens. (Will post about that separately.) We came home last night. As we pulled into the garage, I noticed the door into the house was open. Strange! I walk in and notice nothing. My mind was on "where is the cat?" DH walks in and notices the floor is starting to warp, already! Then we notice that the floor is wet. DH opens the door into the bathroom right there at the door to the garage and there s water on the floor!

DH called the same guys who did the whole floor and within 2 hours they were at the house pulling up my pretty floor! I had 2 dehu-s and 2 fans in the hallway/bathroom/laundry room area. The leaky toilet was outside.

So far today I have had the plumber back out - the seals in the tank were bad, that's where it leaked. The main water guy so I could sign forms. And now the water crew pulling up the "underlayment" to get the rest of the floor dry. They put plastic over the doorway to where I am so the dust doesn't carry into the whole house. The smoke alarm has gone off 3 times. They are vacuuming now so either it's to get up the dust or there is standing water. There was standing water last night. There are 4 guys working in a space where 4 guys barely have room to stand.

It's never ending.

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