Monday, April 14, 2008

Vacation - Busch Gardens

DH told me a few weeks ago that he needed a vacation. I asked if he could wait until we finished school - no. So I was off and planning. He really wanted to go to Disney but the money just isn't there. We went to Busch instead. We left on Monday morning. It was raining in Williamsburg when we got there - misting really. We went to Yankee Candle factory, did a couple things there that they had going for spring break. Checked into the hotel and then off the Busch in the cold.

We did have fun. I bought a pair of knit gloves - for only $5! We left before dinner. We found New Town and ate there at the Mexican place. I can't remember the name of it now.

Then on Tuesday, I mentioned to dh maybe we could stop at the Kmart and find a scarf for me. We did and the girls both got a tshirt out of the deal. (shaking head) Off to Busch. Lots of rides. There were no lines. We got there as it opened and parked right up front. It was still cold. I was very glad I had gloves and a scarf. I think the gloves came off in the afternoon. DH, middle dd and I all rode Apollo's Chariot. We went to a beer tasting. The poor guy working with us tried so hard to find a beer I liked. No luck. I just don't like beer.

Wednesday off to the park again at opening. We seemed to ride Loch Ness right away every day. Wednesday we got my scaredy cat dd on Big Bad Wolf. Then ds followed. Lies were longer but still amazingly short. Middle dd and I rode Alpengiest. And talked dh into it as well. It was middle dd's birthday and she chose to eat dinner at the Smokehouse. Wonderful food! I was tired of the park. I did not want to come back the next day.

Thursday we got up and middle dd announced she wanted to ride Griffon. So back we went. DH and middle dd rode it and then made me. We rode twice in a row. I do not open my eyes at the top! Once you get over that first bit, it's a fine roller coaster. No problems at all. We got oldest dd on Alpengiest. She enjoyed it. Then we got ds on Apollo's Chariot. They all wanted to ride Roman Rapids (the big raft get really wet ride). I did not want to get that wet. DS came off looking like a drowned cat - including the look on his face. I told dh to take him on Apollo to dry off. It did help. We ended up staying most of the day and left about 4.

Friday we met IL for lunch, did some shopping and then to my folks house for the weekend. DS had a play to go to with my folks. We came home Sunday night t0 find the leaky toilet. (See below.)

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