Friday, April 18, 2008

The floor is dry but wait... there's more!

So the floor is dry. They removed the fans yesterday. Yeah! Quiet in the house again. Someone came out today to put the subfloor back in. In the process of cutting the wood, termites came out of nowhere! Yuck. DH called a termite place. The termite guy is checking the house right now. Then dh needed a sleeping bag. It's in the storage space under the stairs with all the other camping equipment. It was wet, well damp. I climbed under there (had sent a girlie to fetch the sleeping bag). I found the carpet pieces we threw down in there wet to the touch and the subfloor wet to look at. DH called the water guys. He actually talked to someone so I assume that someone will be out today. Joy, more fans! So still no toilet downstairs, we have termites and more water on the floor.

I'm beginning to hate this! I just want it over!!!

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