Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now they have to grind the floor

So the floor guy came out today. There were 2 places where J is unhappy with the floor because it bounces. The one place he said was because of what was underneath the floor.

When we moved into the house, there was hardwood in the front hall, which the dog promptly scratched beyond acceptable. There was vinyl in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room; carpet in the back hall. About 6 years ago, we replaced all these spaces with laminate. They put the laminate over what was already there. No problems with a bouncy floor.

So the floor guy was telling me and the project manager that the floor is uneven so of course it will bounce. We need to grind down the hardwood so it is at a slight incline. The grinding blade is a special order. It may be in tomorrow, it may not. But either way, the floor guy doesn't think there is enough laminate in the garage to put back on the floor. He also says that we will need to remove the washer and dryer, again. The grinding will be loud and dusty. He will hang plastic and use vacuums to contain the dust though.

If you come to my house, bring chocolate. In fact since I'm asking, make it Dove dark Chocolate. And do I really have to share? Or pie - a chocolate pie would be nice too. I'll just get out forks. We don't need plates do we?

I noticed the other day that I'm marking these as kitchen. It's not a kitchen issue anymore. But I'll leave them marked as kitchen so they all come up together.

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